EMI Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ju-tex.com 0% Equal Monthly Installments (EMI)?

Ju-tex.com 0% EMI is allowing you to purchase items through a deferred payment plan using your credit card only.

How EMI works?

Select the “Auto EMI” button while on transaction page and select the tenure. Once the purchase is completed through, using Credit Card Ju-tex.com team will confirm the order. It will take up to 7-10 working days for the installment to reflect on your credit card statement. The full outstanding payment will be blocked on your account until the installments have been completed. The blocked amount will also be visible on your statement.

Is there any mark-up, processing fees or down payment on Ju-tex.com EMI?

EMI does not have any mark-up, down payment or any other hidden cost attached to it.

Are there any conditions for the EMI to be approved?

Ju-tex.com 0% EMI is available on all Ju-tex.com products, subject to
i) the product paid price must be BDT 5,000/- or more
ii) 0% EMI is applicable on total cart value.                                                                                         

 iii) Selected categories are not available for EMI transactions.

·         Groceries

·         Digital Goods (EMI on Tours and Travel Packages Only)

·         Vouchers


Is it possible to return or cancel products purchased on Ju-tex.com EMI?

Unfortunately, No. EMI order cannot cancel or refund.

Is it possible to convert a partial amount of my order onto the EMI plan?

Unfortunately, No.

I want to buy a product using Ju-tex.com 0% EMI but I do not have any sort of cards to use, what should I do?

Unfortunately, Ju-tex.com 0% EMI plan is available for certain bank partners Credit card only for now.

What if your EMI plan not been activated after 7 working days of purchase?

Please call the Bank’s helpline to escalate the matter. If you have charged any financial fees due to this, they will be reversed in your subsequent statement.

Following are the Terms & Conditions applicable on Easy Monthly Installment plan and are to be read along with the Credit Card Terms and Conditions:

1. Minimum purchase amount for each transaction should be BDT 5,000/- to avail an Easy Monthly Installment.

2. Easy Monthly Installment orders applicable on total cart value.

3. You can checkout only if your credit limit is equal to or greater than the price of the product.

4. Easy Monthly Installment is available at 0% mark-up for a tenure of 3 and 6 months.

5. The conversion of purchase to Easy Monthly Installments may take up to 7 (seven) working days.

6. Purchase on Ju-tex.com to be made at least 3 (three) working days before the next credit card statement is generated to ensure the transaction reflects in that statement. For example, your statement date is September 21, 2024, then, the purchase should be made before September 18, 2024.

7. If you make a purchase within the 3 days period as mentioned in the paragraph no. 3 or after the statement date, then, the transaction will reflect in the next month’s statement.

8. The Bank providing Easy Month Installment service is not acting as corporate agent/distributor of third party products/services and shall not be responsible in any manner to any person or to any claim.

9. The Bank providing service is not acting as corporate agent/distributor of third party products/services and shall not be responsible in any manner to any person or to any claim.

10. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Terms and Conditions and Credit Card terms and conditions, Ju-tex.com reserves unconditional and unequivocal right to reject, refuse, delay, object to provide Easy Monthly Installment facility to any customer for any product, even after complying with the all the above-mentioned requirements, without citing or stating any reason.


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