Faber-Castell Classic Color Long Pencils -12 Pcs

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The unique ensemble consisting of factory buildings, grand houses and a landscaped park, created by Lothar von Faber and Alexander Count Faber-Castell, is now accessible to the public as the “Faber-Castell Experience”. Its special fascination lies in the juxtaposition of the past and future of an internationally active family firm that is now, after more than 250 years, in the hands of the family. We wish you an enjoyable and memorable time at Faber-Castell in Stein. Read more

Faber Castell Classic Colour

If you have been using colored pencils recently or you are a colored pencil artist, you will absolutely know the name "Faber Castell", they are without doubt one of the biggest names in the art supply world and in particular the colored pencil world. 

Despite this, when I decided to review the Faber Castell Classic Colour, I have to say, based on the price of these pencils, I wasn't really expecting anything fantastic. Before I begin my testing and research of a pencil, I try to guess my conclusion, one of the most consistent things I have found about my pre judgment on colored pencils is just how monumentally I get it wrong. 

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