Fantech W190 Dual Mode 2.4Ghz Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

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The Fantech W190 is a versatile dual-mode wireless mouse offering both 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity. Designed for seamless switching between devices, it features an ergonomic design, high-precision sensor, and long-lasting battery life, making it ideal for both professional and casual use. Read more

Fantech W190 Dual Mode 2.4Ghz Bluetooth Wireless Mouse Space Edition

The Fantech W190 is designed with Silent Switches for all-day use in the workplace or at home. Increase your productivity without disturbing others! Reduce the "click" sound while still providing adequate feedback. It supports both Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wifi and is compact enough to take with you on the road! You can change your input on the fly since you may connect to two devices at the same time. The Fantech W190 mouse features three DPI options: 800DPI, 1200DPI, and 1600DPI. Meet the accuracy standards for various displays. This mouse has a built-in grip made of durable material that allows you to focus on productivity without interruptions. Efficient, user-friendly, and ergonomic. It has a fully ergonomic and ambidextrous form that allows it to be used comfortably in both left and right hands. The design is extremely light, weighing only 54 grams. The lightweight construction enables all-day usage without cramping or muscular strain. The Fantech W190 Wireless Mouse Space Edition comes with a 01-year warranty.

Specifications Descriptions
Brand Fantech
Connection Type Wireless Bluetooth + 2.4GHz
Resolution 800-1,600 DPI
Polling Rate 125Hz
Sensor Optical / PixArt 3212
Material ABS Plastic
Shape Full Ambidextrous (Left & Right-Handed)
Button 4
Switch Lifecycle 80 million clicks
Color Black- Space Edition- MINT EDITION
Dimension 100x60.6x34
Weight 54 grams
Warranty 01 Year Warranty

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